(Campaign Asset for Product Reference)

The creative concept for the season was focused on the idea of "Contagious Energy". This concept was rooted in the product benefit of energy-return and was further brought to life with a focus on movement, community, and tone, all wrapped up in colorful and vibrant branding. 
The ethos for the retail and event experience was focused on the idea of a "portal". The portal represented an immersion into a different world, focused on product innovation. We didn't want our viewer to just see the product, but feel and interact with the product in unexpected ways. 
Utilizing the product visuals and innovation to lay the foundation for the creative was an essential part of building this experience. 
The following pages are initial sketches I created to really bring to life each layer of the retail experience. From a larger scale build to smaller, more intimate moments, the thought process for each area of the journey was focused on tactility and visuals to really showcase the innovation in a way that was sensorial rather than one dimensional. 

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