The following pages break down the process of the creative through product insights, art direction, and storyboarding.
To influence the creative I built from the foundation already set from the visuals and innovation of the product. The visuals of the product guided me to the desert landscape, the lines of the ADV resembling the flowing stratification of the Mojave desert cliff faces.
Originally, the plan was to incorporate more of the line work inspired by the product as an environmental element. Swirling around the athlete and interacting with her every move. Deeper into the process, I realized that those lines were too dominate and shifted the idea to a stand alone piece focused on the fabric. This fabric would twist, stretch, and flow, representing the movement of the athlete in the main motion piece.  
Prior to capturing on location, I crafted a storyboard to bring the vision to life. This also provided the DP with a sharp vision for the capture. Scenes were chosen to reflect a shift in scale while also showcasing the various benefits and details of the product. 

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